Please only fill this form out if you are a returning alum of a prior GovCity cohort and would like to apply for the next session. A code (which you received by email) is required. To request a new code, email HQ <at>

Please make sure you can arrive in Boston by lunch on Wednesday, November 13 and will be committed to remaining with us through the graduation dinner on Thursday, November 14th. (Most people will depart on the morning of the 15th)

First and Last Name *
First and Last Name
You received this in an email from HQ If you need a new code, please email us at that address.
What was the most memorable/valuable part of the last GovCity session -- or a portion of the event that you think would be amazing if changed up in some way? Or something that should be deleted entirely?
First, imagine ANYTHING is possible. Next, give us your most extreme water cooler idea(s), the things you overheard during the last GovCity, or something that needs to be disrupted in a major way. What is SO big that it could never be done, but should be? (ideas: change the acquisition process completely, launch an X program for X reason, fund X, reinvent the entire training/education system of X, teach X number of people how to do X, finally figure out X so it's never a problem again). Our class will vote on the top 3 to tackle.
We have reserved 10 spots for you, our alums, to fill. Who should have been there with us in March but wasn't? Which thought leader(s) could change the dynamic in the room for the better? Think big, they will become alums alongside you. Also in this spot, recommend someone you'd like to see in a Fireside chat. Who's got an innovator's story to tell?