What is GovCity?

Short answer, that depends on you.

If selected, you’ll be part of a remarkable group of 72 passionate innovators and rising leaders from city/state/federal government and a carefully curated group of creative thinkers and problem-inspired disruptors from across all industries, academia, non-profit, Fortune 500, entrepreneurial and everywhere in between. Like we said, it depends on you, and it depends on everyone else in the room. And with a different set of 72 minds in the room, each GovCity is unique in its own powerful way.

We set the framework, and our GovCity Council establishes the kickoff conversations and light the spark that we then hand off to you. We don’t pay speakers to attend this meeting of the minds — that’s because all 72 humans in the room are there on purpose. Most of you will end up speaking, but not with slides or boring talk points, and certainly not so everyone can hear your voice. No, you’ll be there for a different kind of engagement — a rather powerfully collaborative one. This is a true innovation experiment. We’ve set out to prove that we can change the world if we just put the right people on the mission. Are you one of them? And unlike any “conference” you’ve attended before, once you’ve become part of GovCity, you’re part of a special network of people who don’t stop seeing holes and finding interesting problems to tackle when the lights go off at the office. No, once you become part of GovCity, something will be different. You’ll have access to the most passionate network of problem solvers you’ve ever worked alongside.

What would you do if you had an unstoppable team with unmatched experience and boldness backing you? Want to find out?

BEFORE YOU APPLY: Please make sure you can arrive in Boston by lunch on Wednesday, November 13 and will be committed to remaining with us through the graduation dinner on Thursday, November 14th. (Most people will depart on the morning of the 15th)

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