There’s a special group of public and private sector people who believe that this event must happen — and they want to see it happen well.

The GovCity Council members are a cross-industry group of innovators, disruptors, passionate minds who want to do more than just be there at the event, they want to shape it. Council Members will also have a few opportunities to network together separately because you should know each other — one of the greatest takeaways from this event is a stronger network. One of the best ways to do that, is to volunteer as a Council Member.

If you’re interested in being on the GovCity Council, you’ll tell us what skills and ideas you can and would like to contribute to the team. Whether that’s helping us with our social media, writing content, interviewing speakers, connecting us to sponsors or partners, helping us craft the perfect agenda or working with us to design the networking elements of the day. The sky is the limit, you get to do you, as a Council Member.

We will never ask our Council Members to do anything that runs beyond the scope of ethics or legal, and we will ensure you are never met with a moment that calls conflict of interest into question. This is not an event to make money, it’s an event of progress.

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Give us as much as you got! We'd love to know you better and the energy you'd like to put into this completely new experience.